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Pre Purchase Inspections

Pre Purchase Car Inspections


  We do pre purchase inspections   We can inspect the car today
  We do Commercials & 4-Wheel Drive Inspections   We provide you a verbal and written report
  We will beat ANY Price or Quote!


How much is a pre-purchase inspection cost?

Our comprehensive written and verbal pre-purchase car inspection report is $110 for any vehicle that you would like to purchase. This includes Air conditioning checks, service and repair. Also we provide clutch repairs and transmission servicing.. Once we have assessed the vehicle, you will be in a better position to decide.

Unless you are a mechanic, don’t risk it!

Majority of people don’t have the knowledge to know if a car is in good working condition. You may not understand some of the items listed on the pre-purchase car inspection report, but you can be assured that our inspection is thorough in the assessment of the car. Avoid any stress in the future due to mechanical issues with your new car. Get an expert’s opinion before you buy!

Is the car worth the money?

If the inspection report identifies any faults, these can be used to negotiate with the vehicle’s price with the seller. If our mechanics cannot find any faults, you can be assured that the car is in good working condition. They will also advise you regarding future service costs and repairs for your new vehicle.